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Good quality sleep is central to good health. It is also key to having a clear mind and a balanced emotional life. Yet many of us suffer from insomnia or feel insufficiently rested in the morning. Ayurveda links different types of sleep problems to imbalances in the body’s three controlling elements or Doshas – Vata (movement), Pitta (transformation) and Kapha (structure).
Vata imbalances can result in difficult getting to sleep in the first place. Pitta imbalances can result in waking up in the early hours and a difficulty getting back to sleep. Kapha imbalances can result in feelings of heaviness, lethargy and dullness in the morning.
A really good night's sleep can help you awake with quite confidence. You feel recharged, rejuvenated. iBlissful Sleep, herbal formula helps you get a deeper, better quality of sleep every night and helps you feel more vital and alive the next day. The herbs in iBlissful Sleep synergistic formula produces a soothing, balancing effect on the body, mind and emotions.
Major Highlights:
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera): It promotes feeling of well being, reduces the negative effects of stress, promotes restorative sleep, stimulates the immune system, helps in restoring vitality, strength and energy. Possesses anti-amnesic properties whereby it significantly improves memory.
Tulsi (Ocimum Gratissimum): It has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties; Tulsi significantly improves sleep and general stress problems and symptoms such as forgetfulness and exhaustion etc.
Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia): It is an important immune-modulator,it improves the sleep and beneficial in fever, chronic fever, infection, low immunity, cancer,asthma,gout rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue. Passiflora (Passiflora Foetida): Passiflora exhibits sedative and anti-anxiety activity, it is potentially useful for insomnia, neurosis, Nervousness, pain relief, asthma, palpitations and other cardiac rhythm abnormalities, high blood pressure and other related conditions.
Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis): Valerian is a popular alternative to prescription medications for sleep problems because it is considered to be both safe and gentle. It helps people fall asleep faster and feel that they have a better quality of sleep. Valerian has been used to ease anxiety, nervous restlessness, and psychological stress including nervous asthma, hysterical states, excitability, fear of illness (hypochondria), headaches, migraine, and stomach upset. It is not only a general tonic but also a protector of the lungs. It contains tannin up to 30 per cent, chebulinic acid and a sufficient amount of Vitamin B-complex. It is an effective purgative and helps in removing toxins and fats from the body, resulting in their reduced absorption.
Amla (Emblica Officianalis): Amla or Indian Gooseberry is impactful in curing sleep disorders. Its medicinal properties relive your stress level which eventually helps you in getting a quiet sleep. No wonder, its extracts relive severe sleep related diseases such as Insomnia.
Baheda (Terminalia Bellerica): It has brain-boosting, Memory enhancing abilities, laxative, rejuvenative, purgative, astringent and dry properties.
Serving Size: Take 1 Capsule 30 minutes before bedtime.
Presentation: 60 capsules in pet container with child resistant cap (CRC)
Contraindications / Precautions: None
Over dose & Management: An intake of 2-3 times more than the recommended dose is generally well tolerated. In case of intake more than this, skip the next dose. In case of discomfort consult your health advisor.
Side Effects & Interactions: None Known
Course Duration: Use on need base
Specific Dietary / Lifestyle Advice:
1-Listen to soothing music or stories at bedtime /read a soothing story.
2-Use light colored,preferably white linen for your bed and keep your room Clutter-free.
3-Apply sesame oil/coconut oil on your scalp and massage gently for 5 or 10 minutes before going to bed.
4-Abstain from frequent use of medication and alcohol for the purpose of sleep induction.
Storage Conditions : Keep in a cool dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. Moisture is liable to damage the contents and efficacy of the product.
Shelf Life: 36 months
Regulatory Status: Dietary Supplement