International Market Consulting

International Market Consulting
SUKINN HEALTHCARE INDIA(SHI)offers world-class procurement and marketing services to the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries in India and Africa. SHI has it’s operations in South East Asia, India, UAE-MENA Region and Africa.
Over the years, SHI has positioned itself to effectively support the Pharmaceutical and Food sectors through its numerous Co-ordination, Management and Marketing support in various programs and projects with Global Fund and other Governmental & Non-governmental Institutions.

SHI expertise includes:

  • Co-ordination, Marketing and Distribution support to the global partners for HIV/AIDS, Anti-Malaria and Anti-Tuberculosis with Global Fund.
  • Support to develop Tender business with various Central & State Government Institutions for HIV/AIDS, Anti- Malaria and Anti-infective in Africa.
  • Marketing support to develop Trade business in Africa and MENA Region.
  • Development of Tender/Trade business for Hospital & Lab Equipment in Africa and MENA Region.