Malaria is a life-threatening blood disease caused by parasites transmitted to humans through the bite of the Anopheles mosquito. Once an infected mosquito bites a human and transmits the parasites, those parasites multiply in the host's liver before infecting and destroying red blood cells.


List of Products

  • Artemether 20mg + Lumefantrine 120mg Tablets; blister pack; tearing line after each 6 tablets.
  • Artesunate 60 mg, powder for injection, vial, with one ampoule (1 ml) of 5% sodium bicarbonate solution and one ampoule (5ml) of 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution.
  • Artesunate rectal capsules, 100mg
  • Artesunate rectal capsules, 400mg
  • Mefloquine 250mg Tablets
  • Primaqunie 7.5mg Tablets
  • Quinine Sulphate Tablets 300mg