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Health Benefits of Walking

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Replenish your Latent Energy stored in your Body Cell

I know a couple of people who are fitness enthusiasts and some of them are even trainers. They told me about this product called iRecharge. It has got multiple benefits, it increases exercise tolerance and physical performance, it helps naturally to restore body’s energy level after exercise, it supports muscle recovery and cardiovascular health, it helps in sustaining ATP energy and supports the immune system” he replied.

Memory enhancement miracle : Memory booster

It was last year I had just turned 18, It was one of the usual day. The sun had risen and was shining bright in the morning sky and as usual the morning chores were been done by all in the house. My father was doing his morning yoga schedule, mother was busy cooking food for all and my sister was getting ready for her school.

Complete Nutritional supplement for excellent health

The most important thing in our life is usually the one which is most dearest to our heart. The thing that differentiates humans and animals is the ability to make this dearest thing, emotionally so much attached to over selves that it becomes a priority in our daily life and we as humans can go to any miles to ensure the protection of this thing which is dearest to us.

Non-Communicable Diseases

Non communicable diseases (NCDs) are the main cause of death and disability in the world. They are a group of conditions that have a health impact for a long period of time, and often create a need for long-term treatment and care. Some examples of NCDs are Cardiovascular diseases Cancer Chronic respiratory diseases Diabetes Mental … Read more


HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. If left untreated, HIV can lead to the disease AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Unlike some other viruses, the human body can’t get rid of HIV completely. So once you have HIV, you have it for life. HIV attacks the body’s immune system, specifically the CD4 cells (T cells), … Read more


Malaria is a life-threatening blood disease caused by parasites transmitted to humans through the bite of the Anopheles mosquito. Once an infected mosquito bites a human and transmits the parasites, those parasites multiply in the host’s liver before infecting and destroying red blood cells. The disease can be controlled and treated if diagnosed early on. Unfortunately, … Read more

Mother & Child Care

Reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) is a predominant topic in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); Reduce Child Mortality (MDG4) and Improve Maternal Health (MDG5). The central role of mother and child in these MDGs indicates the importance of a safe pregnancy and childbirth not only to the health of the mother and her … Read more