HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. If left untreated, HIV can lead to the disease AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Unlike some other viruses, the human body can’t get rid of HIV completely. So once you have HIV, you have it for life.

HIV attacks the body’s immune system, specifically the CD4 cells (T cells), which help the immune system fight off infections. If left untreated, HIV reduces the number of CD4 cells (T cells) in the body, making the person more likely to get infections or infection-related cancers. Over time, HIV can destroy so many of these cells that the body can’t fight off infections and disease. These opportunistic infections or cancers take advantage of a very weak immune system and signal that the person has AIDS, the last state of HIV infection.


Condoms : Sukinn Healthcare offers of male and female condoms in its product range for the purpose of preventing pregnancy or protecting against sexually transmitted infections.
Male circumcision kit : Voluntary male circumcision is an accepted method of HIV prevention, reducing the risk of female to male sexual transmission of HIV by approximately 60% (WHO). To support WHO’s effort to increase the safety of this procedure, We designed a kit that contains all necessary consumable and re-usable devices for male circumcision procedures. Here, you will find more information on the male circumcision kit (forceps guided procedure). This kit can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.


Diagnostic tests and monitoring equipment : Our range of cost-effective and user-friendly HIV diagnostic tests and monitoring equipment includes diagnostic products that meet country-specific requirements
PEP Kits : The PEP-kit contains supplies that reduce the risk of HIV infection, for use after sexual abuse or involuntary exposure to HIV. The kit contains a short-term antiretroviral treatment, a 1-step urine pregnancy test and post-sex contraception.


Antiretroviral medicines from generic and branded manufacturers
We offer the most common antiretroviral treatments currently in use worldwide for 1st, 2nd and pediatric treatment. Our range includes the 4 available types of antiretroviral:

  • Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTI)
  • Non- Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTI)
  • Protease Inhibitors (PI)
  • Fusion Inhibitors (FI)

We offer Fixed Dose Combinations (FDC): multiple antiretroviral drugs combined into a single tablet. The main advantages of this so-called HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy) are a reduced risk of drug resistance and improved drug adherence.

Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (MTCT)

The transmission of HIV from a HIV-positive mother to her child during pregnancy, labour, delivery or breastfeeding is called mother-to-child transmission. In the absence of any intervention, transmission rates range from 15% to 45%. This rate can be reduced to below 5% with effective interventions during the periods of pregnancy, labour, delivery and breastfeeding. These interventions primarily involve antiretroviral treatment for the mother and a short course of antiretroviral drugs for the baby. They also include measures to prevent HIV acquisition in the pregnant woman and appropriate breastfeeding practices.

Medicines to treat opportunistic infections (OIs)

People with advanced HIV infection are vulnerable to infections and malignancies that are called ‘opportunistic infections’ (OIs). The treatment of OIs is an important part of HIV / AIDS care and support. It improves the quality of life for people living with HIV / AIDS and prevents further spread of transmittable OIs to other people.
Our range of generic and branded medicines for Opportunistic Infections consists of:

  • Antibacterial and anti-protozoal agents
  • Antiviral agents
  • Anti-fungal agents
  • Anti-cancer agents

Home-Based Care Kit : Home-Based workers need supplies for the care of people living with HIV / AIDS and for their own protection. The Home-Based Care kit contains essential healthcare products, such as painkillers, gloves and bandages.

HIV-TB Co-infection treatment : The treatment for people who are co-infected with HIV and TB is more complicated due to drug interactions between HIV antiretroviral treatment and TB medication. Sukinn Healthcare offers the complete range for HIV / AIDS and TB and as such, provides a one-stop shop for treatment programs for co-infected patients.