The world growing fast, people growing fast, and health issues growing fast to. AndLife style related diseases become common.We can overcome with this problem by making healthier choices in earlier life,This leads to a sharper focus on health-promoting diet, that prevent people from ever getting ill. And the health-promoting products come under the Nutracetical.

Dr Stephen DeFelice coined the term “Nutraceutica” from “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical” in 1989, Nutraceuticalare the product isolated or purified from foods, and generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food and demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease.

Categories of Nutraceuticals
Dietary supplement: A product that contains nutrients derived from food products, and is often concentrated in liquid, capsule, powder or pill form. Although dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA as foods, their regulation differs from drugs and other foods.

Functional food: A category which includes whole foods and fortified, enriched or enhanced dietary components that may reduce the risk of chronic disease and provide a health-benefit beyond the traditional nutrients it contains.

Medical food: Medical food is formulated to be consumed or administered internally, under the supervision of a qualified physician. Its intended use is a specific dietary management of a disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional requirements are established by the medical evaluation (on the basis of recognized scientific principle).

Farmaceuticals: Farmaceuticalsare medically valuable components produced from modified agricultural crops or animals. The term is a combining of the words “farm” and “pharmaceuticals”. Proponents of this concept are convinced that using crops (and possibly even animals) as pharmaceutical factories is much more cost effective than conventional methods, with higher revenue for agricultural producers.

How Nutraceutical works Nutraceuticals are available in the form of isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and specific diets to genetically engineered foods, herbal products and processed foods such as cereals, soups and beverages. Nutraceuticals provide all the essential substances that should be present in a healthy diet for the human. Nutraceuticals provides energy and nutrient supplements to body, which are required for maintaining optimal health.

Nutraceuticals and Diseases Nutraceuticals are currently receiving recognition as being beneficial in coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and other chronic and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Evidences indicate that the mechanistic actions of natural compounds involve a wide array of biological processes, including activation of antioxidant defenses, signal transduction pathways, cell survival-associated gene expression, cell proliferation and differentiation and preservation of mitochondrial integrity. It appears that these properties play a crucial role in the protection against the pathologies of numerous age-related or chronic diseases.