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LIVE WELL FOUNDATION is the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of I Lombard Technology Pvt Ltd. The organisation has been founded at the express behest of Mrs Sushma Virat, Director of the company and wife of Dr Kiran Virat, CMD of the group.

Mrs Sushma Virat had long since been instrumental in carrying out diverse humanitarian efforts towards upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden in Africa where she spent around 15 years of her more recent life .While there, she played the part of better half of the benevolent side of Dr Virat, who held various leadership level positions during his 15 year stint in the pharmaceutical industry in Africa.Together, the duo worked tirelessly and selflessly, contributing their mite towards eradication of dreaded diseases like malaria , Tuberculosis and HIV from Africa.

Back in India, their homeland , their altruistic spirit has gained impetus and translated itself into the founding of LIVE WELL FOUNDATION ( ). LIVE WELL FOUNDATION is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to ploughing 1% of the proceeds earned from the sales of the multiple business activities that the group is engaged in for the upliftment of the underprivileged in India.

As part of the initiatives under LIVE WELL FOUNDATION, multiple activities are contemplated. One such is commencement of mobile vans for ferrying trained medical help and medicines to remote areas across India. Teaching of children of tailors and workers associated with production activities.