Project Consulting

Project Consulting
SUKINN HEALTHCARE INDIA (SHI) offers world-class services to import/export the Raw Materials, Packaging Materials, Finish Formulations and Projects in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries for India and Africa. SHI has it’s operations in South East Asia, India, UAE-MENA Region and Africa.
Through strategic relationships, SHI is able to offer interesting solutions to clients in various fields. SHI quest to build an enviable profile has driven it to stay resolutely focused on developing it’s capacity, capabilities and teaming up with others to offer high quality cost effective solutions in the field of Pharmaceuticals & Food sectors.

SHI expertise includes:

  1. Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation for Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility;
  2. We offer TURNKEY solution to the client and support to get them WHO-cGMP, WHO-PQ and other world certifications for US, UK, Europe and South Africa.
  3. We arrange Technical collaboration with Top Indian manufacturers for building up WHO-PQ facilities and product lines
  4. Co-ordination, Marketing and Distribution support to the global partners for HIV/AIDS, Anti-Malaria and Anti-Tuberculosis with Global Fund, Tender business with various Institutions including Trade business in Africa.